Empower your mind, strengthen your body, and thrive with MS

Embodied Resilience is an 8 week guided journey with the purpose of helping you foster a deeper mind-body connection, improve your stress resilience, and manage your MS symptoms. Through a combination of mindfulness practices, nutrition suggestions, movement protocols and various educational resources, you will learn how to cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness and control over your physical and emotional well-being.

This is a wonderful opportunity to put yourself first and invest in you and your long term healing.

Through these 8 weeks you will develop tools to help yourself manage stress, reduce pain and fatigue, improve sleep, and enhance overall quality of life. By fostering a deeper connection between the mind and body, you'll be better equipped to manage their MS symptoms and live a more fulfilling life. By the end of this course, you will have developed a deeper sense of self-awareness and a greater capacity to manage stress in a more embodied and sustainable way.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know what you "should" be doing to help your MS symptoms, but you can't figure out why you're not doing it

  • You feel anxious, depressed or like your mind is racing much of the time and are unsure of how to help yourself move out of that state

  • You're nervous about seeing MS symptoms progress, but also worried about starting (or continuing) medication due to side effects

  • You feel unmotivated to make change, even though you want to see change

  • You're mad or angry at your body, maybe you feel like it betrayed you

If any of those sound like you... you're in the right place

What you'll experience after HHMS:

  • Decrease in MS symptoms

    Learn how to support your body through diet and movement which help to lessen symptoms.

  • Calmer body and mind

    No more waking up with anxiety or your thoughts going 1000 miles an hour. Being able to tolerate feeling your body instead of ignoring it.

  • Confidence to manage stress

    You'll befriend your nervous system and learn to work with it, not in spite of it, to become resilient towards stress (often our biggest symptom trigger).

  • Newfound trust in yourself

    You'll be able to successfully do what you say you want to do, even if you experience fear, resistance or it isn't "perfect".

What clients have said:

“Thank you so much, I learned so much about health and myself working with you. You made me accountable without feeling guilty”


“Alissa helped me to get a handle on my gut and blood sugar, but mostly my stress levels. My stress response is much different than it used to be” - SD”


“I wanted to gain more insight on how to improve my life for the long run and needed help with diet changes using a holistic approach. You’ve also been a great help in changing my outlook on MS for the better. ”


The path we'll take:


Get into the healing mindset and ground yourself for the journey ahead. 

Prime your body

We'll go through specific exercises for your mind and body that will help prep your body for change.

Befriend your Nervous System

Become friends with who you are at your core and understand why you think, feel and act the way you do. 

Eating for Healing

What food additions or subtractions might be helpful for deeper healing. 

Move to feel better in your body

Movement protocols that will be helpful for various MS symptoms including pain, spasticity and balance. 

Put it all together

Learn how to make it a lifestyle, not a wagon you can fall off of. 

Nuts and Bolts

Included in the course:

  • Live calls each week: This is when the magic happens! We'll dive into the topic of the week, then also how you're doing with the process. We'll work through what is coming up for you while you're implementing changes using various techniques.

  • New module each week: Each week a new module will be dropped into your portal including various videos and resources about the topic of the week.

  • Copy of The MS Handbook: The MS Handbook outlines how to get started healing MS and offers suggestions and resources for getting started. It's a great compliment to the course!

  • Discounted supplements: Significant discounts on any needed supplements.

  • Discounted 1:1 packages: If you want more support you'll have access to discounted 1:1 calls and packages.


  • When will the course run?

    We start the week of March 13th and end the week of May 1st.

  • When will the weekly calls be?

    TBD! Once the course closes enrollment I'll be sending a poll to pick a good time for everyone.

  • Will the weekly calls be recorded? Not sure I can make it live..

    Yes! All weekly calls will be recorded and put into the portal so you can easily catch up if you miss one!

  • Is this live? Or will all the videos be available at once?

    The modules will drop into your portal weekly and all the videos for the week will be available at the same time.

  • What if I feel like I need more support?

    You'll have the opportunity to book a 1:1 call or 1:1 package with me at a discounted rate!

What clients have said

“I've been on this journey with Alissa for about a year now and she has helped me grow in ways that I never imagined I was capable of. In addition to being a master of AIS, she is a truly gifted therapeutic and psychological partner. She has tapped into how my brain - and perhaps more important, my spirit - works. She helps me set goals that I am actually capable of reaching. At times, when I establish a goal that she is not entirely onboard with she will give me the leeway to test it out and learn for myself why it wasn't a great idea. Overall, she has taught me not only to prioritize my health, but she has shown me how the choices I make in every other aspect of my life impact my health. She is truly magical. ”


“I can’t say enough about Alissa. She has been so patient with me from the beginning. She is always encouraging when I’m having a hard time and never makes me feel bad when I get off track; she’s just right there to point me back in the right direction. She’s especially good at challenging my stubborn thought process and doesn’t discount the difficulty of adapting to a life change.”


“You helped me look at how to manage stress, how to be more gracious and flexible with AIP. ”


A MS diagnosis isn't the end of the world

It's the start of your new one